Matt Damon

The following shall be a treatise on why Matt Damon is the best. Just all-around, the absolute best.

I don’t know what a treatise is so we’re gonna go ahead and jump right into the bulleted list:

  • Good Will Hunting is actually a biographical film about MD’s early days
  • The Bourne Identity is actually a biographical film about MD’s later days
  • Matt Damon has a really cool name. Really. Just say it.
  • He is the opposite of bad
  • One time Matt Damon saved me from a burning bus in a dream I had
  • Matt Damon Craft is the greatest resource pack ever
  • He is the official mascot of SpinalCraft
  • He goes to space regularly and only fucks it up sometimes. I mean, could you do better?

In conclusion, Matt Damon.


One time I saved fanboat from a burning bus in his dream, and I was in Interstellar. Sometimes I confuse myself with Mark Wahlberg but that’s okay.

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