Fire Soda

I had a dream where there was a fire flavored soda. It had a goofy cartoon unicorn on the bottle that was on fire and screaming, though in a really silly depiction that was more like how you’d advertise hot wings. You know, where there would be some guy whose eyes were bulging and he was spitting fire, and somehow this makes the product more appealing? It had the advertising line “What do people who don’t fear death fear who death who?” This was weird on many levels, including the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever been able to read text in a dream before. Seems like an odd place to start.

I think the idea was something like, there’s probably some bumper sticker line “I’m afraid of people who are afraid of death.” Some kind of statement on people who never leave their bubble. So the soda asks us, of the people who don’t fear death, what kind of person scares them? A sort of roundabout way of saying the same thing, though more open-ended.

The point I’m making here is: where is my fire flavored soda?

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