Trivia Night

Dan and I first got into trivia night when it was Tuesday at Mellow Mushroom. They’re still running it, though we’ve kind of shied away from that one. Tougher crowd, fewer and lesser prizes. What we really got into was when 643 started doing it. We did well there. They offered prizes down to third place, and a higher prize to first and second. They also had wings for half-off on trivia night. Well, they did at first, anyway, they moved trivia to another night. So when 643 closed it really upset us. You can learn more on the status of 643 by researching another restaurant that was closed in the same building under the same circumstances, Mariah’s.

So now our mainstay is Overtime, which is alright, except trivia there is run by some guy from a group that runs other trivia places, and, well, he’s alright I guess, but we finally got around to winning, right? We’re in first place, he asks the final question, we bet everything, so there, we win. That’s how the game works. But everyone got the final question right. He thinks that nullifies the part where he said ‘final’ in ‘final question’. So he asks another, and, you know, we’re dumb, so we don’t know the answer. It was something about the supreme court. When do appointments to the court go into effect. So someone else in the crowd is either a Supreme Court clerk or lucky or owns a cell phone but not dignity, and they get it and vault ahead of us, who got it wrong (though we wagered no points). So he gives us second place and is otherwise unresponsive to complaint.

I think Dan called his boss or something, but the results of that were to be determined at the next trivia night, for which I was out of town and Dan flaked as is his wont. Parker probably missed it, too, but he wasn’t there on the night we were so unjustly disgraced, so I don’t think it would have mattered if he showed. In about 15 minutes here I’ma go to trivia again, and wish it was 643. Wish me luck.

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