One for the Spambots

I get comments on this site every day. But only from terrible robots, so they get marked as spam. Some of them are pretty amusing though, so I will approve ALL comments on this post. Speak your piece, computer friends.

Edit: Since they refuse to comment on this post, perhaps due to the word spambot in the title, I shall display them here instead.


Wow. Except for some unsolicited advertisement, I can tell, I am really loved.comments2

Well that’s fair, sometimes I ramble.


Hi, friend. Maybe just stick to smothering me with praise, eh?


Okay but seriously, I’m trying to grow my ego here.


Okay look, I’m trying to go get coffee with this new friend here and while your short story was somewhat intriguing, I’m kind of not finding a place for you in the comments.


Okay wow this guy


Alright, back to the basics, praising me as great.


Whoa buddy, I don’t think that was very nice.


Amazingly the navy seal copypasta was not just one of my friends messing with me. It links to a pornographic spam site. Weird.


Okay well this batch sucks.

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